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Classic Window Treatments For Your Kitchen

Kitchens can be tricky when it comes to dressing the windows. Kitchen window treatments need to be fairly durable in case of cooking snafus or just the general steam generation. Homeowners typically want to keep their kitchens open to the outdoors to promote an airy ambience. What's more, many kitchens open up to a patio or deck, adding a little challenge to window dressing. Use these ideas to stay classic with your kitchen windows to promote an overall pleasing décor while addressing any design challenges.

Café Curtains for Tradition

Possibly the most classic of all kitchen window treatments, café curtains cover only half the window. Typically constructed of bright fabrics, they're easy to hang on traditional rods from the top of the window for an attractive frame to your view. If you want a little more privacy, you can use spring-loaded rods and hang the café curtains in the center of the window. Choose a cheerful pattern if you have a farmhouse or otherwise homey kitchen. Alternatively, consider durable lace for a more formal style.

Valances as Frames

Another method for framing your windows is by hanging valances at the top. In layered treatments, the valance sits atop panels like a crowning touch. However, you can select a more kitchen-ready fabric and use valances as the only window covering. Indeed, Better Homes and Gardens describes an attractive valance that looks tailored but is actually quite simple. Hang a fabric panel from four hooks over the window, gathering the fabric around the center hooks. The result is both casual and stylish.

Roman Shades for Color

Roman shades may be overtaking café curtains as the hallmark of kitchen window treatments. Roman shades are like a cross between blinds and curtains. When down, they resemble a flat curtain panel. However, they roll up like shades. The fabric and pattern choices are as bountiful for Roman shades as they are for curtain panels. Consider utilizing your shades to add cheerful brightness to your décor by selecting a boldly colored pattern.

Curtain Panels on Doors

You may be lucky enough to have a kitchen that opens up to the outdoors. Some homeowners choose to leave sliding glass doors free of any window treatment. However, that doesn't give you a lot of privacy or light control. Instead, consider hanging curtain panels over the door. If you want to maintain the airy ambience, select sheer panels. Conversely, consider more opaque panels in a color or pattern that matches the rest of the kitchen décor. Either way, hang the panels on extra-wide rings so they slide easily across the curtain rod.

Whether you choose to frame your view or control the light with your kitchen window treatments, select a classic style that complements the décor. For more information about your options for window coverings, contact a local drapery supplier.