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Tips For Designing A Small Bedroom

If you have a house that has a small bedroom, you likely want to make sure that your space is as comfortable and functional as possible without it feeling cluttered. This can be frustrating because you might have more furniture than will fit in the available space. You want to make sure that the bedroom feels airy while still having enough storage space for your clothes and a bed that is big enough for you to sleep comfortably. Here are some tips for designing your small bedroom.

1. Build Shelves into the Wall

The first thing that you want to consider is building shelving into the walls. This will allow you to store personal possessions, display pictures, and line up books without having to add shelving that will jut out of the wall and take up precious space.

If you are unable to build shelves in the wall, consider adding additional floating shelves above your dresser or other furniture that is already taking up floor space. This will allow you to utilize the unused space around the furniture and store your personal possessions at the same time.

2. Buy a Bed Frame

Invest in a bed frame that is tall enough for you to store boxes underneath your bed. This is especially important if you just have a mattress and box spring set that is sitting directly on the ground. The reason for this is that elevating your bed will help put some space beneath the bed and the floor, allowing you to use it as storage and making the room feel more airy. When you choose a frame, make sure that you stick to light-colored wood to help the room from feeling claustrophobic.

3. Use a Headboard Solution, Rather Than an Actual Headboard

Finally, don't be afraid to play around with headboard solutions, rather than actual headboard. Headboard solutions are space-saving items that mimic the appearance of a headboard without actually taking up the space of one. You could push the bed directly against the wall and then add paneling or some other material to the wall directly above the head of the bed so that it look as though you have a headboard there. You could even skip the headboard altogether and use pillows to hide that space. 

For more information, talk to a company like Gillian Segal Design that specializes in interior design. They will be able to help you make the most of your small bedroom.